Quartz Countertops, Concord, NC

Let us tell you about the amazing benefits quartz countertops offer.

Each type of countertop material offers its own set of benefits that make it the perfect choice for many people. The same is true of quartz countertops and is evidenced by the growing number of people choosing this manufactured material. Here at Luxury Granite NC Inc., our name might lead you to believe we only work with granite, but we’re also skilled at installing quartz countertops.

Quartz Countertops in Concord, North Carolina

We often recommend quartz countertops when we hear a customer tell us they want a material that will be low-maintenance and not harbor germs or bacteria. If these are important characteristics to you, quartz is worth considering. It is also incredibly durable, handling more abuse than other types of countertops, while being easy to clean up, too.

If you are concerned that quartz won’t have the natural beauty of granite, you’ll be happy to know that this engineered product has many styles to choose from that are more luxurious and contemporary than you might think. Furthermore, quartz countertops are perfect for anywhere in your home or business, including kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, breakrooms, workrooms, and more.

We warranty our work, so you can be confident your quartz countertops will meet your expectations. Our customer service and dedication to customer satisfaction are second to none. Our years of experience in home improvement have taught us that getting the job done right with attention to detail throughout the project is the best way to have happy customers. Call today to learn more about quartz countertops or any of our products or services designed to make your Concord, North Carolina property everything you imagine it can be.

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