Kitchen Islands, Charlotte, NC

Choosing the counters for kitchen islands should consider both aesthetics and functionality. Let us help you choose the right material for your Charlotte home.

Here at Luxury Granite NC Inc., there is one question we hear quite often: “Do I have to use the same material throughout my kitchen, or can kitchen islands be made with something different?” It might surprise you to learn that kitchen islands are often given a different surface. The way in which you use your island can often require a different material. Our expertise in the countertop industry enables us to provide you with multiple choices and coordinate them, so you get the functionality and beauty you are looking for in your Charlotte, North Carolina home.

Kitchen Islands in Charlotte, North Carolina

Kitchen islands can be everything from the main prep area to the entertainment hub of the kitchen. Choosing the right material for your needs takes learning about the advantages of each one. You’ll find that our dedicated staff is passionate about sharing knowledge, so you can have your questions answered to your complete satisfaction. When you ask us questions and we ask a few in return, we can get you the results you need for beauty, functionality, and longevity.

One option to consider is marble for counters on kitchen islands. If you enjoy making pastries, bread, or candy, you probably know that marble is ideal for working with chocolate, dough, and other baking projects. You may not want marble throughout your kitchen, since there are other surfaces that might better suit your overall needs, but marble kitchen islands can be incredibly functional and add a luxurious appearance in the process.

We would love to hear from you with any questions you have about kitchen islands and how to make them a focal point in your kitchen while they provide the functionality you need. Whether you want marble, quartz, granite, or something else, count on our expert installation and selection to give you lasting results.


Kitchen Islands in Newton, NC