Custom Kitchen Bar, Charlotte, NC

A custom kitchen bar could mean big changes at your Charlotte home.

Custom Kitchen Bar in Charlotte, North Carolina

For many people in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, the kitchen has become the heart of the home. The family hangs out there together one or more meals a day and often entertains there, as well. If this sounds like how you’d like to utilize your kitchen more often, you should consider renovating your kitchen to add a custom kitchen bar. Here at Luxury Granite NC Inc., we love making homes more functional and beautiful. With custom cabinetry and countertops made from marble, granite, or quartz, your kitchen will be more functional and welcoming.

Statistics show that when families update a kitchen, they spend more time preparing meals at home, which is less costly than dining out regularly. By the time you add up that savings and consider the value the upgraded kitchen has made to your home, you could easily end up ahead financially. We can configure your custom kitchen bar to fit in with your lifestyle. That means we listen to what you want to accomplish and make sure those features are incorporated.

You might just want some extra seating so the family can enjoy breakfast together at your new custom kitchen bar. Or, you might want something larger with prep areas, so everyone in the family can take part in meal preparation. Some families even like to use their custom kitchen bar as a homework station. Whatever it is that sparks a passion in you is something we need to know about. We take the time to go over what needs to happen and then provide you with a quote and timeline for project completion. Contact us today to learn more about how a custom kitchen bar could make a big change in your family’s life.

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