How to Choose Your New Granite Countertops

So, you’ve decided to invest in granite countertops. Great! Now, all you have to do is pick out the perfect granite. Many people who haven’t purchased granite countertops before don’t realize how many options are out there. If you feel overwhelmed, be sure to consult a design specialist or granite professional who can advise you. Choosing the perfect granite countertops for your kitchen or bathroom is a big investment, both financially and because of the amount of time you will spend looking at them. Never buy something because you feel like you have to hurry.

Granite countertops

Here are some general design considerations to ponder as you go shopping for granite countertops:

  • Size of room: If you are installing granite countertops in a small bathroom or kitchen, it may be best to stay on the lighter side of your options. Larger rooms can handle darker shades more successfully.
  • Lighting: If your kitchen or bathroom has a lot of natural light from windows or skylights, you may be able to choose darker granite. If it is a darker space, consider a lighter granite to keep the room feeling brighter.
  • Color: Granite comes in many different colors and shades of each color. From very light options to dark variations, there is a granite slab to suit just about anyone.
  • Pattern: Granite comes in solids, speckled and marbled options. Generally speaking, the larger and brighter your room, the better able it will be to handle bold patterns. Smaller spaces are better off with smaller patterns or solid colored granite.