Have You Considered Marble for Your New Bathroom Countertops?

Granite has become so popular that when most people think about stone countertops, they immediately think about granite. However, there are other great stone options out there. One excellent option for your new bathroom countertops is marble. Marble can be an elegant and practical choice for your bathrooms, but it is one that you need to consider carefully.

Bathroom countertops

Here are some of the advantages of choosing marble bathroom countertops:

  • Aesthetically pleasing with many different colors to choose from. White and black marble are the most common, but it can also come in colors like rose, yellow, gray and green. No two slabs of marble are exactly the same.
  • Marble is heat resistant, so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged.
  • When properly sealed, marble can withstand general bathroom use easily.

Here are some considerations to think about before choosing marble bathroom countertops:

  • Marble is more porous than granite, which means that it is more likely to get stained if it is not sealed properly. Bathroom items to be cautious with include fingernail polish and colored makeups.
  • Marble is softer than granite, so it is more likely to be scratched, chipped or cracked. This long-lasting stone countertop can remain beautiful for decades if proper care is taken.

With beauty and elegance, durability and a relatively low cost, marble could be just what you are looking for in your new bathroom countertops. With many colors and veining patterns to consider, you are sure to find the perfect slab of marble to match your new or existing décor.