Choosing Between Countertop Companies Can be Tough, but it Doesn’t Have to Be

If you are investing in new countertops, choosing between countertop companies to perform your installation can feel stressful. After all, you are making a huge investment, and countertops can be very delicate. When choosing between countertop companies, it is important to look beyond the cost. It may be worth it to pay a little more for quality installation services.

Countertop companies

As you look for your next countertop company, here are some things to consider:

  • Not all countertop companies charge the same way: Some companies advertise a low cost per square foot, but then they charge for services like cutting a sink hole in your countertop. Make sure you get written estimates that break down all charges, so you can really compare them.
  • Ask about the grade of granite they can install: It is important to see the actual slab that you will be getting cut and installed. Small samples are generally big enough and each piece of stone is unique.
  • Expect written estimates from each company: It is a good idea to get three to five written estimates before making a decision about hiring an installer.
  • Inquire about references and examples of seams: Any reputable installer will be happy to give you references of happy previous customers and to show you examples of their seaming. Also, for clean and accurate cuts, it is important that they have well-maintained, modern equipment.

You are investing too much money in your new countertops to just use any countertop company. Spend a little time making sure you feel confident about your choice and you are much more likely to get the results you have been dreaming about.